Greetings Everyone!
Only one way to say this...Your Aunt Judy is back in the driver's seat! :)

After 6 years under ATKingdom management, the owners/creators of are proud to be managing the site again! :)

During the past 2 years, we began to see a change in both model types, and in content variety and theming. The model curation was very different from what we would have preferred. Our dear friends at ATKingdom have their way of doing things, and we respect that... But after much disagreement, we simply reached the point where we felt it was in the site's best interest to end the arrangement and return to our original focus.

It has taken us about 6 months to prepare for this... spinning-up new servers, configuring a new content management and site interface, checking-in 20 years worth of updates, and most importantly... re-fostering relationships with some of your favorite old-school AJ photographers (like Tobe Garrett who makes his long-overdue reappearance on the site today!)

Our aim is to restore to it's original focus on the "Mature Mom Next Door", and you will be pleased to hear that we will be bringing back many of your old favorite photographers and content makers :) ...and re-aligning the brand with our throwback motto... "home cookin' since 1996".

We will be offering new tools as soon as possible, please bear with us during this change, and contact us if you really need something and we will do our best to help.

While still focusing on high-quality high-resolution photography, we will also be trying-out some new content formats, themes, and video shooting styles. In addition to this, we will be re-introducing a bit of hardcore video back into the content mix, initially with some of Roman K's full-bush euro-moms :). We will not be abandoning the "MILF" (30-35yr olds) segment entirely, but most of our initial slate of shoots is 40+. Fans of MILF's need not fret... we will get a few MILFs into the mix soon :)

We deeply appreciate and humbly request your support during this transition. We are aware that we may have lost many of you during this long interval... So if you're checking back in with us after some time, WELCOME HOME!


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