Q: What is NicheBucks?
A: NicheBucks is the adult web's original niche affiliate program, focused around a selection of highly targeted specialty sites that deliver high-quality content at a reasonable price - sites with strong brand identities and excellent "key word appeal", like AuntJudys.com.

Q: Can I make good money promoting NicheBucks sites?
A: Absolutely. Our combination of massive stores of exclusive content (our original sites have been receiving multiple weekly updates for over 12 years!), constant updates, and excellent customer service leads to strong performance in terms of both conversion ratios and membership retention. This means high sales revenue for our affiliates.

Q: How much does NicheBucks pay?
A: Nichebucks pays 50% revshare.

Q: But I have a LOT of traffic - how much will you pay ME?
A: If you can deliver a high volume of signups, we can work out highter payouts for you - contact us.

Q: How often do you pay out?
A: Payments are handled by CC Bill twice a month.

Q: Can I promote your sites via email?
A: Don't even think about it. NicheBucks does not accept email traffic, period. We will terminate your account, and you won't get paid.

Q: Do you provide promotional content?
A: Not at the moment, but we are working hard on it.



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